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"My screens look great!  My energy bill has decreased and the work was top notch!  Thanks Glenn, for the speedy installation at a reasonable price!!  -  Jenn

What are the benefits of Solar Screens?


* Blocks up to 90% of the harmful UV rays from the sun.
* Protects against fading of furniture fabrics, draperies & blinds, bedding, rugs and carpets and

  wood/laminate flooring
* Keeps pests and insects out while allowing a pleasant breeze to come in.
* Custom installation can accommodate any size and shape window, including arches.
* Extremely tough & long-lasting outdoor fabric is flame & fade resistant.
* Improves visibility and reduces glare entering windows and doors.
* Solar screens can be easily removed for occasional cleaning.
* Solar Screens allow for more light throughout your home without compromising privacy of closed blinds, drapes or shutters.

  Maintaining great outward visibility, providing privacy, lowering utility costs and helping the environment by saving energy is good for every homeowner.
* The investment in solar screens typically pays for itself within the first 2 years of use by reduced monthly energy bills.


Solar Screens Vs. Window Tinting: What's the difference?

Glass tinting filters the light along with the UV rays whereas, Solar Screens reduce the volume of light without filtering. As the glass filters sunlight through the tint, it will maintain heat, which dissipates into the house, making sun control screens more effective than glass tinting for energy savings.


Solar screens block the sun's rays before they hit the window. Tinting only disperses the rays after they hit the window, which allows the window to become hot.

The warranty of window manufacturers is not voided with the installation of solar screens. The majority of window manufacturers will void their warranty if tint or film is installed.


 Unlike tinting, screens can be removed in the cold months or for cleaning windows whenever desired. Screens can even make windows 15% more efficient in cold months by creating a third layer of insulation for double pane windows.


About Solar Screens

How Do Solar Screens Work?

Phifer SunTex 80 & 90
Heavy Duty  Phifer Shading Fabric blocks up to 80-90% of the sun's hot rays!

Phifer SunTex is a fabric woven of extremely strong and durable vinyl-coated polyester yarns.

The uniform weave design offers excellent outward visibility and good ventilation. Shading is

approximately 80 - 90%, and SunTex is available in a choice of four earth tone colors. The fabric

is also pet resistant making it ideal for use indoors and full-length screen panels.

• Extremely durable...also pet resistant
• Excellent outward visibility
• Protects against fading and sun rot
• Provides daytime privacy
• Lets in soft light and breezes
• Reduces glare

Solar screens work much like a large shade tree in front of every window of your home. Solar screens provide shade for the exterior of your home, stopping the heat before it enters.

Energy from the sun's rays are absorbed by the open weave design of the fabric and then that heat is dissipated through the small holes in the mesh as air passes through it. The sun is deflected before it reaches the glass. Screens block 90% of the sunlight and heat which makes up for 44% of the heat gain in your home or business.

When sunlight hits the solar screen, up to 80 - 90% of the heat and glare is reflected, absorbed or dissipated before it can enter the window (see image).

In mid-summer, as much as 230 BTU's can fall on each square foot of unprotected glass. The chart below illustrates how solar screens help cool the home by blocking much of the heat before it reaches the glass.